Cleaner Floors Equal Cleaner Air – The Sirena Vacuum

The Sirena Vacuum is a water vacuum, meaning it uses water to clean the floors. This is nothing new and one may wonder what separates the Sirena from any other water based carpet or floor cleaner. The first thing to say is that instead of just using water to clean the floor it also uses water as it’s filter. Air is sucked in with the water such that dirt is trapped in the water and the air is recycled back into your home cleaner than before. And that’s quite something, though it may not seem particularly major. For the air in most homes is nowhere near as clean as most people think or want.

So not only will you be cleaning your floors, you will be cleaning your air. When one is employing the Sirena Vacuum you are actually water washing your air! This makes it an ideal cleaning unit for houses with those whom are sensitive to dust and pollen, such as asthmatics or people with other sinus issues.