3 Benefits of Buying Vitamin B12 Wholesale


Vitamin B12 is a essential vitamin for a high functioning body. According to the National Institutes of Health, it improves the performance of the brain, the nervous system, the metabolism and the formation of blood. It’s suggested to have a positive effect on memory and sleep cycles. Vitamin B12 has also been linked to energy and endurance, slowing the rate of mental and cognitive decline, and positive effects on cardiovascular health.
This information might give you the impression that you need to grab a few bottles over the counter. Pill form B12 is a viable choice, but this option may not give you the best value. Pills may not even satisfy the need for a supplement depending on the individual. Buying wholesale and in bulk is an option to consider. Here are three reasons why:

1.More Options Than Over-the-Counter
There are more options available to the bulk purchaser. Powders, injections, and patches provide different methods of taking in B12, and in variable quantities compared to what is offered in stores. Harvard Health Publications suggests that different methods of delivery can improve the effectiveness of B12 absorption depending on the individual. These options aren’t always available outside of bulk purchases.

2. Great Choice for Vegans and B12 Deficient Individuals
B12 is a vitamin that is found in meat and seafood, which means that vegans and vegetarians will struggle to ingest enough B12 naturally. Bulk B12 supplements in powder form are exceptionally water soluble, and could be added to a variety of shakes or recipes to provide the necessary boost of B12 that the typical vegan diet would lack.
Certain diseases, such as Crohn’s Disease and pernicious anemia, can inhibit natural production of B12 or cause difficulty with absorbing orally ingested B12. Bulk supplements can come in patches or injections, which can provide a workaround to this obstacle. Elderly individuals may also have naturally developing conditions in the intestinal tract that disrupt the intake of B12, and could benefit from bulk supplies of the vitamin.

3.Control Over Supplement Intake
Depending on the person, B12 intakes will differ. General guidelines from the National Institutes of Health suggest significant differences between children and adult recommended B12 intakes. Bulk supplements allow more control over the amount of B12 being ingested. This can help avoid going over or under recommended intakes, and save on waste.

Wholesale B12 supplements provide an interesting alternative to the pill form of the vitamin. They are readily available in a variety of forms, and are worth considering as a viable alternative to over-the-counter supplements.