3 Fun Baby Shower Decoration Ideas



A baby shower is a special and exciting time in which family and friends gather to celebrate a mom-to-be and her new addition by sharing gifts, games, stories, food and fun. There are lots of pre-made and packaged baby shower decorations on the market, but why not step outside the box? For around the same price, you can make some truly gorgeous baby shower decorations, some of which can double as keepsakes for mom and baby.

A Framed Initial

You might have seen this cute project pop up on Pinterest or other social media sites. Framed initials are a cute way to decorate for a baby shower that can then be used to decorate the nursery for baby. Simply find an 8 x 10 or larger frame in the color of your choice, or paint one to achieve the look you desire. Remove the glass from the frame. Use the frame’s paper insert to trace a rectangle onto a piece of cardboard, and carefully cut it out using sturdy scissors or a box cutter. Use spray adhesive to cover the square in either cute fabric or a piece of designer scrapbook paper. Then, take a wooden letter – you can find these at your local craft store – and design and decorate it to your heart’s content. Affix the letter to the cardboard square, and put the square in the frame for an adorable addition to a shower.

Tulle Wrapped Balloons

This one is pretty simple, but it creates really elegant decorative accents. Grab some tulle or organza, white balloons, a helium tank – you can find them at party stores – and some cute curling ribbon in a coordinating color. Cut out squares of tulle or organza large enough to wrap around inflated balloons with a little left at the bottom. Layer the tulle in complimentary colors and secure the delicate fabric with ribbon at the bottom, curling long strands for a beautiful accent.

Diaper Cakes

This decor pulls double duty as a cute accent and a handy gift for mom. Newborn diapers rolled into a cylinder and secured with rubber bands can be arranged together to form the design of a layer cake. Work on a sturdy circular base, like a platter, so that the cake won’t fall apart. Stand the diapers up on their rolled ends and bundle them together, securing them with a ribbon. Do the same thing with a smaller layer, placing it on top, and secure it with a ribbon as well. Cute accents, such as painted wooden shapes or artificial flowers, can be affixed to the ribbons with hot glue to make the diaper cake uniquely suited to mom’s taste.