3 Savvy Moments in Trans-promotional Marketing


A new advertising trend that is emerging is called trans-promotional marketing, which uses traditional transactions, such as receipts, invoices and statements, to communicate with customers and increase sales. Transaction paperwork is accurate, trusted and highly likely to be viewed by customers, so they provide excellent opportunities for marketing professionals to provide account information with personalized messages designed to engage customers and drive revenue.

Receipts with Coupons
Most big box stores and supermarket chains offer exclusive coupons with receipts that are either printed on the back or the bottom. This is the easiest trans-promotional strategy to implement because checkout stands merely need a color printer integrated with the POS system. However, trans-promotional marketing depends on personalized messages gleaned from accurate consumer data. Therefore, POS systems must be connected with data warehouses or information systems that are capable of intelligently targeting consumers based on past and current purchase histories.

Customized Invoices
Certain businesses that sell more expensive products or services mail out invoices, which can be used to subtly sell related items. For instance, a repair shop that services local companies could mail invoices to customers who have established credit accounts. These invoices could include useful information, such as preventative maintenance tips, along with corresponding repair service options. This is sometimes referred to as drip marketing, which involves consistent advertising reminders about target products or services.

B2B Vendors
Vendors that sell products or services to businesses should take advantage of being able to combine invoices and advertisements. Unfortunately, many vendors do not use trans-promotional marketing because they erroneously believe that all mail is automatically processed or that staff who handle bills aren’t involved in financial decisions. In this situation, trans-promotional marketing will work through a simple two-step process. First, promote the unveiling of an exclusive promotional offer on invoices for a few weeks, then offer a personalized discount with genuine savings. This will help push the discussion of the promotion between business staff.

Many companies offer electronic newsletters to their clients. These are great ways to share industry updates, engaging content and promotional offers. Simply sending a sales flyer or coupon book will most likely result in recipients automatically throwing away the item. Non-marketing materials, such as informative newsletters, are great ways to embed marketing messages. In order for this to be successful, either limit the promotion to a small regular area or alternative offers every other issue.

As a final note, businesses must be prepared to overcome common trans-promotional challenges, such as information saturation, which occurs because consumes are constantly bombarded with ads, and sustainability concerns, because consumers and organizations are becoming more concerned about paper waste. As a bonus, there are many effective templates available online for businesses to create customized trans-promotional materials.