4 Advantages of Buying a Travel Franchise


If you are considering taking the plunge and becoming a franchise owner, a travel franchise provides many lucrative opportunities. The travel industry is experiencing continued expansion in recent years, as the economy rebounds and people are more willing to spend discretionary income on family vacations or weekend getaways. Check out these four advantages of buying a travel franchise, if you are on the fence at all about making the ultimate decision.

1. Even in the age where the internet is everyone’s first stop in planning almost anything, recent data in the travel industry shows that the vast majority of people still prefer booking a cruise with a live person. This is great news for travel agents and franchises. The demand is present, and travel franchise owners are able to take advantage of the middle class’ increased opportunities to spend money on travel for pleasure and their preference for working with a live person or agent, rather than some internet site, to make that happen.

2. Just because you want to be your own boss does not mean you cannot have the support of an amazing team. In general, a travel franchise allows you to have the best of both worlds of having your independence as a business owner as well as the support of a corporate network. You can also rely on the stability of an established brand without having to stick your neck out as a business owner without any name recognition in a particular industry. By owning a travel franchise, you can distinguish yourself from lesser known, independent outfits and start building on the framework of a more established agency. In addition to name recognition, national travel franchises provide opportunities for networking and corporate support in developing your business, such as annual conferences, training programs and support guides.

3. The initial investment for a travel franchise is remarkably lower than that for other franchise opportunities. If you are light on capital to invest, but heavy on desire to take charge of your financial future, buying into a travel franchise could be the perfect option for you. With the risks significantly lower to break into the industry, you can certainly try the travel agency gig out for size without feeling pressured into making a career long commitment to the franchise.

4. While it may seem counter intuitive, very little or no travel experience is necessary to buy into a travel franchise. Better yet, a travel franchise can be the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of adding more stamps to your own passport with all of the industry knowledge necessary to make the most of your trips. And, if you’re a travel pro, a travel franchise is the perfect place for you to spread your knowledge.