4 Great Ways to Make Your Metal Building Greener

metal building

In an effort to cut costs, many metal building owners decide to leave green options out of the design process. Although this isn’t the best way to handle things, there is still hope to make your metal building greener.

There are at least four great ways to make a metal building green, and since they’re simple and effective, they’re also quite easy to implement. Going green doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it’s important to know what you’re doing.

Scheduling an Energy Audit

This is an excellent way to increase the energy efficiency of a metal building. An energy audit can yield several improvements that can be made towards energy efficiency.

Most local utility companies will be glad to assist. If utility companies won’t help, there are always professional energy auditors close by.

The audit is used to evaluate all of a building’s systems, which includes insulation, lighting fixtures, appliances and roofing. The end result is a list that reveals what systems use the most energy and what should be changed.

Fix Exterior Leaks

Many large metal buildings suffer from exterior leaks. Heating and cooling almost always use the greatest amount of energy. If exterior and interior heat transfer isn’t controlled, the HVAC system must work much harder and use more energy.

An inspection can reveal cracks, gaps and broken weather stripping in the exterior. All of these issues can cause heat loss and make your building less energy efficient, which means it’s not as green as it could be. The best solution is to seal all exterior leaks.

Improve Insulation

Poor insulation can cause many of the same problems that exterior leaks can cause. The purpose of upgrading a building’s insulation is to prevent heat from leaking out of the building.

As a general rule, buildings that were constructed at least 10 years ago are likely to need better insulation. Ideal insulation improvements should enhance indoor air quality, interior comfort and moisture control.

Cool Down the Roof

Many metal buildings are equipped with outdated roofing. Newer metal roofs are made to be cooler, which means they’re able to reflect heat.

Since a large portion of heat transfer occurs via the roof, it’s combatable by getting a better roof. Cool roofing products can save building owners up to 40 percent on annual energy costs. These are four great ways to make a metal building greener.

The greatest benefit of having a greener building is the money saved from lower energy consumption, but an additional benefit is the ability to meet the latest environmental building codes. Metal buildings that are made to be greener can benefit everyone involved.