4 Lessons Mechanical Engineers Learn Along The Way


The Ever Evolving World of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers are a highly creative breed with the unusual talent for understanding all things mechanical. They are highly educated in engineering design, use hi tech AutoCAD or AutoCAM, depending on their mechanical engineering specialty and are usually the “go to” guys whenever a mechanical problem develops in existing mechanical systems like HVAC, pollution controls and industrial equipment. There are four lessons mechanical engineers learn along the way of their professional careers.

What Mechanical Engineers Don’t Learn in College
One of the four lesson mechanical engineers learn along the way is that not all of their college studies apply to the jobs they are hired to perform. For example, mechanical engineers working on industrial projects soon realize they may require communication skills to help their clients understand AutoCAD drawings and schematics. This is always an interesting moment when a highly trained mechanical engineer finds it necessary to explain the basic principles of engineering to untrained clients with lesser mechanical knowledge.

Lesson Two
The second of four lessons mechanical engineers learn along the way in their careers is that they may have to wear more than one hat. For example, they may discuss the design of a specific industrial processing unit with clients. In doing so, the mechanical engineer realizes that he may also have to “sell” a more comprehensive project or additional equipment designs to complete a project.

Lesson Three – Continuous Learning
A third lesson mechanical engineers learn is that their educations never cease. Over the past thirty years, computerization of various mechanical components of equipment and instrumentation have had a big impact on how mechanical engineers design and implement mechanical projects. For example, where manual logic was once used for many types of industrial equipment, today mechanical engineers are expected to have knowledge of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and other monitoring and testing equipment. They often return to mechanical engineering studies at top engineering schools.

Lesson Four – Mechanical Engineering Designs Evolve
The biggest lesson mechanical engineers learn is the upgrade from mono-dimensional design to multi-dimensional designs. For example, mechanical engineers find the need to relearn design concepts and design principles using three dimensional software in order to obtain top mechanical engineering jobs.

To summarize the four lessons mechanical engineers learn along the way, articulate communication and sales skills are part of many mechanical engineering jobs. Continuous education engineering software, equipment and instrumentation comprise the other lessons mechanical engineers learn on the job. If there is a fifth lesson, it is to be prepared to adapt to the specifications a mechanical engineering job or project requires. Most mechanical engineers learn to be flexible, creative and innovative with each new project they are given.