4 Reasons that Outsourced Order Taking Saves Time

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No matter what stage your business venture is in, saving time and money are always top priorities. In fact, finding ways to improve time management during the day is one of the most often pieces of advice given to executives trying to make the most of their work days. One serious consideration to improve the overall efficiency of your business, control potential risk and save time is to outsource whatever tasks possible. One task that can be easily outsourced is order taking. If you are considering whether outsourcing the order taking for your business is the right move for you, consider the following reasons why it could save you serious time (and by extension, money).

1. Shift your focus. With your company’s order taking outsourced, the employees responsible for this activity (which may be a manager if the business is small enough) will have the time available to focus on other revenue producing activities for the company. The business will benefit from redirected brain power and employee energy.

2. Eliminate human resources issues. Depending on which branch of the business is responsible for order taking, outsourcing this task, rather than higher additional employees as demand for your product or service increases over time, is a proactive way to avoid human resources issues inherent in hiring new employees. You will save time on processing employment paperwork, payroll, training as well as a whole host of issues that may arise from having additional part time or full time employees on the company’s payroll.

3. Do away with supply issues. For every increased function your business needs to perform, there are supply issues inherently wrapped up with it. For example, if your company is directly responsible for its own order taking, then it will need the necessary computer programs, work stations and tracking metrics available to keep pace with the demand. All of these supplies require maintenance and some level of attention, which could otherwise be spent on increasing the overall revenue of the business. By outsourcing the responsibility for order taking, you will eliminate the need to keep up with the latest technology or make space within your business to perform this task.
4. You won’t have to plan for the worst. If order taking is outsourced, then you will not have to spend time planning for how to handle emergencies if your system crashes. With technology, there is always the possibility that your program will be down or that you will have other technical issue in processing orders. This takes time away from the company’s focus on its bottom line and getting more sales through the door. This will save some unnecessary and costly headaches as well.