5 Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Attorney


A divorce is a trying experience and there are so many things that need to be considered. Hiring a divorce attorney is a good idea for several reasons. Sure, there is a fee involved, of course, but the wealth of knowledge and helpful information is certainly worth it.

The first reason to hire a divorce attorney is that they know the law in the state they are licensed to practice in. People get an influx of information from friends and family when they are about to go through a divorce. They may be trying to be supportive and helpful and that’s fine, but they don’t know the laws. The attorney knows what can be done and what rights the individuals involved have.

Child support and custody laws are significant if the couple has children. Divorce attorneys know the laws on child custody and can assist clients in custody issues of all types. Divorce is hard on adults but the children’s safety and behavioral health are vital to the happiness of the entire family. It makes moving on easier and effective. There’s much information online for civilized divorced proceedings.

Divorce attorneys are helpful in particularly painful divorces when the client has difficulty communicating with the spouse. It’s less stressful to have the divorce attorney speak for client to avoid verbal conflicts with their spouse. Having a middleman who is not emotionally involved, but knows the law can keep their clients informed and at ease. Emotionally charged people yelling at one another rarely get issues resolved. Having the intermediary is essential. Usually each party will have their own attorney and much of the mundane and routine settling can be done by the attorneys after conferring with their clients.

When it finally does come down to division of property and assets, attorneys are essential, especially if a home is co-owned by the clients. Even if that’s not the case, many states have a 50-50 rule where all assets are divided in half. Attorneys can help decipher the laws and explain to their clients how it’s done and carried out. Divorce attorneys can advise clients on property values and individual items accumulated during the marriage. This would include items like furniture, cars, artwork and jewelry that add up to a considerable monetary value.

Attorneys can help enforce and settle pre-nuptual agreements. If one or both spouses had money or property owned by them exclusively before the marriage took place, a pre-nuptual agreement may have been agreed upon and signed at the time.

Divorce attorneys do what is fair for their clients and are willing to go the extra mile for the legal rights of their clients.