5 Children’s Items You Should Always Purchase Used


Raising children can be very expensive, but there are simple ways to bring down your cost of having those little wonders. One important strategy that parents should consider, is buying some essential children’s items second hand. Here is a list of five items that parents should always buy used.


  1. Cribs. Babies will generally sleep in their cribs for about two years, so money thrown at high-end bedding for baby can be money just tossed away. Search online for a gently used cribs at sites such as ReCrib to find bedding that matches your nursery style and decor. As always, be sure to review safety guidelines and check the crib thoroughly before purchase.
  2. High chairs. High chairs are essential for babies and toddlers, but buying a new chair can be a waste of money. Parents should search for used high chairs that are gently used, but clean, intact and functional. Make sure that all safety features are working properly before purchasing.
  3. Bath tubs. Buying used bathtubs for babies is another way to avoid throwing money away. There is such a short time that babies fit into the little plastic tubs, so finding one second-hand is a smart idea.
  4. Toys. Children learn and grow so fast, and even though, children will find their favorite toys, many toys, they simply grow out of. Instead of hoarding toys that were barely played with, parents will list them on sites such as eBay. It is a great place to purchase, then resell, keeping your rotation of toys fresh for baby, without breaking the bank.
  5. Bikes. When your child is old enough, you should consider purchasing a used bike. Make sure the training wheels are intact so that your child can properly learn how to ride. Small children don’t tend to ride as much as older children, so you have a good chance of finding a great deal on a used bike. As he or she grows out of the bike, trade it in for the next size. It isn’t until they are in their teens that they will keep the same size bike for a long period.

There are many essential items that you need while raising children, however, buying used items is often the best solution for staying inside of your budget. It is useful to visit sites, such as Kiplinger, and LA Times, which are great sources to find other items you can purchase used. Search online for used children’s gear and you are sure to find a great deal on all of your child’s essential needs. It is also a good idea to visit your local thrift store or garage sales, where bargains can always be found.