5 Ideas On How To Use Individual Glass Bottles


Upon first glance, a used glass bottle may not seem particularly exciting. However, there are some truly unique methods of decoration and mounting that can turn an ordinary bottle into something alluring and whimsical. It’s also an excellent way to recycle your old glass relics into something practical and gift worthy. Below are a few key ideas.

1. Flowers and Herbs

One of the most useful ways to re-purpose glass bottles is by creating vessels for plants. You can easily grow a variety of flowers inside glass bottles by suspending their roots in water. Such a technique will make for a charming gift for loved ones, especially since the plant is alive.

There are a variety of tutorials you can also utilize to create beautiful herb gardens in your home or backyard, making for a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing way to cultivate produce without the extra cost.

2. Bird-y Stuff

Glass bottles can make excellent habitats for our feathered brethren. If you cut a hole in a large bottle, a bird can nest inside. Just make sure you’ve sanded the edges so that there’s nothing jagged that could cut the bird. Gluing fabric or other materials across the edges can also make it safer and more cozy.

Glass bottles will also make excellent bird feeders when suspended upside down. Experiment and before long you may have your own glass avian community.

3. Lights Fantastic

During the winter holiday season you can make the most of icicle lights by placing bundles of them inside bottles before plugging them in. Of course, such an effect is beautiful during any time of year.

4. Candelabra

By cutting off the bottom of a glass bottle, you can give an ordinary candle some grandiosity. Just place the bottle over the top of any burning candle to enhance the atmosphere of your home while also imparting a safer barrier from flames. Such a technique is especially good if you want to light many candles at once. You can also place candlesticks inside the neck of bottles to act as candle holders.

5. Vases and Laces

An easy way to turn a glass bottle into a vase is by painting it. You can either pour paint into the bottle and drip it out or dip the outside of the bottle to coat it. You can also hot glue on embellishments such as yarn, lace, ribbons, stones or even shoe laces.

A bottle with a matte white finish will impart a nostalgic feel akin to old milk bottles, and by using a bit of twine or fishing line, you can even fasten your glass bottle vases from the ceiling to create the phantasmal illusion of floating vases teeming with your favorite flowers.