5 Misconceptions About Smoking Cigars


In many cities and neighborhoods where cigar fans buy cigar products, there are many misconceptions that target cigar smokers. If you want to simplify the shopping process, you’ll need to understand the five most common cigar smoking misconceptions before visiting a cigar store.

Cuban Cigars are the Best Products

Although Cuban cigars are popular in dozens of markets, they’re not the best cigar products that are available for consumers. The main feature that makes a Cuban cigar unique is taste, and a typical Cuban product may have a flavor that may or may not appeal to a general consumer. If you enjoy spice, you’ll have no problems smoking a Cuban cigar. However, when you need something that’s mild, this cigar option won’t suit your needs.

Cigars are Designed for Wealthy Consumers

When actors made movies in Hollywood during the earliest eras, everyone smoked cigars in a variety of scenes, and this is why most businesses run ads that highlight cigar products for wealthy individuals. However, cigars aren’t specifically designed for the wealthy, as many stores set reasonable prices for different cigar products. In many business districts and neighborhoods, you can buy a quality cigar for less than five dollars.

A Cigar Wrapper Color Influences the Flavor

Many cigar brands use wrappers that are designed with bold colors to protect their cigar products. Most of the wrappers have a dark color scheme; however, the intensity of a color tone on a wrapper doesn’t impact the flavor of a cigar. This means that you won’t experience a stronger flavor after buying a product that’s wrapped in a dark packaging. In order to acquire a suitable cigar with a flavor that suits your needs, you’ll need to inspect and read the packaging. If you don’t scout different product options, you may buy a cigar with a flavor that isn’t appealing.

The Wrapper Holds the Flavor

Only a small portion of a cigar’s flavor is generated from a wrapper. In order to give a cigar tons of flavor, strategic workers implement practical design procedures during the manufacturing process since the shape and size of a cigar product impact the intensity of different flavors. The shape and size is very important because these elements determine how much binder is used. If a cigar has too much tobacco, the flavor characteristics will be affected.

Ash Colors Determine Quality 

The ash color shouldn’t be considered when picking a cigar product. Although a white ash is clean, this waste doesn’t mean that a cigar is made with the best material.