5 Must-Do’s When Moving Antique Furniture

Moving furniture, antique furniture, is a little more challenging than moving regular furniture. While owners should move furniture with considerable care, antiques carry a different weight of value. As such, you should be extremely careful and take a different approach to moving antiques. If you are not sure of their value, a professional appraiser can appraise the value of your antiques. Here are five tips to help you move delicate, expensive furniture and items.

1. Always use extra packing material. When placing antiques in a box, leave plenty of space and pack so that furniture can absorb shock without damage. The experts recommend bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Remove drawers or removable furniture parts and pack them in a separate box. Add heavy layers of packing so as to protect furniture stacked in layers.

2. Take plenty of photos and get insurance. Make sure you get insurance that covers antiques. Photos can show proof of condition of your antiques when packed, and before they arrive at their destination. It makes sense to be on the safe side.

3. Take adequate time to clean your antiques. Minor stains, left untouched, can become major stains depending on how long the furniture remains in storage. Of course, you should clean and polish antique furniture on a regular basis. There is enough material at book stores or online to provide ideas of how to clean antiques.

4. The next step is to make sure your antiques are stored with care. This precaution is for antiques that will remain in storage for some time. Get the proper furniture covering. And make sure the area is moth and rodent-protected. The least amount of food left around can attract rodents and pests. Antiques do not do as well when exposed to the elements.

5. Find the right moving company if you cannot handle the move by yourself. Of course, there are professional moving companies that relocate antiques for a living. They can work with fine jewelry, important papers, titles, deeds, tax forms, and other such documents.

If moving long distance, plan the routes way ahead of time. This even includes medical centers or hospitals on the route. This can help eliminate a lot of stress and worry. Your goal is to arrive at your destination and enjoy your trip along the way. Also, make sure you have access to cash in case of road emergencies. The goal is for a safe trip and one where your property will be protected. There is a right way to move, and a wrong way.

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