5 Simple Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

bike tour

It can be so very tempting to throw healthy routines out the window while on vacation, but unfortunately, the calories still count. Luckily, just a few small adjustments to the traveling routine can ensure that a few days of the good life don’t undo weeks of hard work. Follow these five steps to keep fit while on vacation.

1. Be a healthy flyer.
When flying long distances, take precautions against blood clots and sore muscles. Book an aisle seat and get up and stretch every hour or so. To make the most of those long hours, here are some yoga exercises you can do on the plane or on an extended car journey.

2. Take a walking or bike tour.
Instead of sitting on the classic tour bus around town, check out the sites on foot or by bike. Many places offer free tours or maps for a self-guided walks. A day of walking around tourist sites and museums can rack up way more steps than you would ever get at home!

3. Use the hotel gym.
Most hotels have a gym, so as long as you pack gym shoes there is no excuse not to hit the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. If your hotel has a pool, take advantage of it and swim some laps. Working out for just a short time each day will pay off in the long term, and you don’t have to feel guilty about the margarita by the pool later. If you’re going somewhere that does not have gym facilities, pack a jump rope or pull up a quick yoga video on YouTube. The New York Times has a great workout you can do from your hotel room.

4. Try something new.
Vacations are fantastic times to try new activities that you would never do at home, and you will have so much fun you won’t even notice you’re getting a workout. Take classes to learn how to surf, paddle board, or snorkel. Rent a kayak for a few hours. Go on a hike or horseback ride to a great viewpoint. Try something different every day of your vacation and you will make awesome memories and burn calories at the same time.

5. Try self-catering.
Eating out every meal can wreck havoc on a body. Try to stay somewhere with self-catering facilities and make some meals yourself. Even in a basic hotel room, this article has some great ideas for using the coffee machine to whip up quick meals that are healthier than the hotel buffet.