5 Ways PPC Can Increase Web Traffic


Well-designed websites with great content may still fail to consistently attract enough new visitors. One of the best web advertising tools is a PCC ad campaign through popular websites and search engines.

More Effective Keywords
PPC ad campaigns are based on strategic keywords that users may enter into the search enginge’s term box. Generally speaking, as terms become more specific, they often cost less per click. Most website owners use online tools like Google’s Adwords Keyword to determine the most appropriate keywords. Well-chosen PPC keywords will generate maximum traffic volumes for minimum cost per clicks.

Better Search Engine Results
PCC ad campaigns usually target popular websites. For example, Google’s search engine is the most popular in the world and they boast the highest traffic levels, but they are the most expensive. Google AdWords will most likely generate traffic within only a few minutes of opening an account. Bing Ads is well-known and commonly used, but they only charge a fraction of the cost compared with Google. Yahoo Gemini is a relatively unknown, cost affordable solution for website owners. Yahoo Gemini combines search and native ads into a single solution.

Social Media Traffic
Facebook ads reach a target audience based on specific demographic data. Unlike AdWords, Facebook ads specifically target certain interest groups, so the PCC results are more refined. Facebook offers alternatives, such as cost per action (CPA) and optimized cost per mille (oCPM), which means that Facebook shows the ad to users they believe will most likely take action. Alternatively, LinkedIn offers their own ad program, which is primarily for business and job-seeker related searches.

Start a Re-marketing Campaign
Established businesses may benefit from a PCC remarketing strategy, which enables them to reengage past visitors through showing them relevant ads when they visit similar sites. This is a great way to push relevant traffic to a website through reminding users that your website has the products or services that they need. PCC remarketing is a cost effective tool to generate new traffic and connect with past site visitors. In order to find out who has visited the website, register for a Google Analytics account and review the New and Returning visitor data under the Audience tab.

Conversions Data
PCC-based sales leave website owners with a clear digital trail to track and trend. E-commerce companies shouldn’t just track sales, but also things like downloads, newsletter sign ups and PCC data. All of this information will help decision makers understand what specific actions will drive certain behaviors and online conversions. Some website owners prefer to incorporate heat mapping techniques into their metrics research and decision-making processes.

PPC ad campaigns are also effective at targeting mobile device users and raising brand and company awareness.