5 Ways to Promote Mental Health In Seniors


Maintaining mental health is highly important for seniors. Life is easier for them when they are able to think properly and enjoy it. These five ways to promote their mental health are simple but effective.

Brain Games

Doing simple puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords or even word searches can have a significant impact on the way the mind works throughout the day. They can find free games on the internet or buy a subscription from a fun website for math or word puzzles. Chess and checkers are challenging board games that can be played with a friend. Chess could aid in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It can also be therapeutic among other things.

Be Creative Often

Creativity has plenty of health benefits plus it can be great fun. Some artistic activities to try are abstract painting, figure drawing or sculpture. Write or draw in an art journal any thoughts or ideas. Create art with objects found in nature like leaves or rocks. Encourage seniors to come up with their own creative ideas to stimulate their minds.

Get Active

Physical exercise is extremely important for mental health since it increases energy and stamina. It becomes more difficult to do normal activities if the body is overweight or out of shape. Go for a refreshing walk on a nature trail. Do simple exercises like lifting light weights, aerobic activity or squats. Build strength and improve balance with a regular work out routine.

Become More Spiritual

It’s never too late for someone to improve their outlook on life and possibly change it for the better. Everyone gets down and makes mistakes but embracing spirituality is a positive way to uplift the soul again. Yoga, meditation and prayer calm the spirit and can improve mental acuity. Seniors will be likely to focus better on the tasks they want to. The many benefits of spirituality are truly inspiring.

Be Positive

Let go of old grudges and ideas that no longer make sense to make room for new ones. People can make meaningful progress later in life. Their lives are just as important as always. They’ve just gained extra wisdom through experience and contemplation. Seniors should still allow themselves to smile and become excited for each day. They should continue to be social and not isolate themselves. They can find ways to volunteer in the community or online. Organizations they may want to try are Habitat for Humanity, Hunger Relief and animal shelters.

It’s good for seniors to commit to exercise their minds and bodies daily. This will help keep them smart and agile. Having a healthy balance between creativity and analytical thinking will make life more exciting.