6 Ways to Burn the Most Calories


You may have heard that losing weight is a numbers game. You must consume fewer calories than you burn during the day. Some people try to restrict caloric intake to severe amounts in an effort to win this game, but this strategy can backfire. A better idea is to follow a healthy diet with natural foods and to eat when you are hungry. This effort should be combined with many calorie-burning activities throughout the day so that you ultimately have a net calorie deficit each day. These are some great ways to burn more calories.

Choose an Active Hobby
Many people who struggle with their weight have sedentary interests, such as watching TV and reading books. While these are reasonable ways to spend at least some of your free time, you should also find a few active hobbies that may be enjoyable to you. For example, going dancing with your spouse on the weekends is a wonderful way to burn extra calories.

Move Periodically
If you have long periods of time throughout the day when you are inactive, you can improve how you spend this time. For example, you can download an app that reminds you to move every 30 minutes at work. When the app’s timer dings, you simply get up to do a few stretches or to walk around the office for a couple of minutes.

Fidgeting generally is viewed negatively, but it has substantial benefits to your weight loss goals. Any type of extra movement is essential for burning more calories. When you fidget regularly throughout the day on a regular basis, you may be surprised by how many extra calories you can burn. When you are trying to achieve a net calorie deficit, every small bit helps you to work toward your goal.

Drink Water
Drinking water can help you to feel full so that you consume less food at meals and for snacks. However, water has another benefit. It may actually help you to burn more calories. Drinking colder water chilled by ice is the best idea, and this is because your body must use more energy to warm the water up after you consume it.

Cook Your Own Meals
You may have heard that preparing your own meals at home is a great way to reduce your intake of fat, sugar and calories. You may not realize that cooking your own meals is also an excellent way to burn calories. When cooking, you may stand up and move around the kitchen for 30 to 40 minutes or longer in some cases. Cooking involves active movement, and it is a better way to spend your time than sitting on the sofa.

Walk the Dog
Your dog may love to get out of the house and go on walks, but you may rarely do so. You could walk your dog for a few miles each day, but remember that this type of lengthy activity is not always required. Even walking your dog around the block once in the morning and again at night burns calories, and it may also make your dog happier in the process.

Participating in an active cardio activity each day will burn a significant number of calories, but you can see that small changes to your lifestyle can also pay off in a big way. These are all relatively easy options that can combine together to produce fabulous results.