7 Truths on How Moving Blankets Protect Your Furniture

moving blankets

Moving blankets are a time-honored staple in the moving industry. The thick, heavy blankets have not yet been replaced by any kind of higher-tech option, which speaks for itself about their value during the moving process.

In this post, learn 7 truths about how moving blankets serve to protect your furniture and valuables during a move.

Truth #1: Moving blankets protect each item and the other items around it.
The goal of using moving blankets is definitely to protect sensitive or fragile valuables, but also to protect the integrity of the entire contents of your move. So even if the moving blankets are wrapped around only certain items, they will cushion both the item inside and the surrounding items.

Truth #2: Moving blankets reduce liability for the movers and the moving company.
The use of moving blankets has been proven to reduce the likelihood that your valuables will endure scratches, breaks or cracks, which helps to keep your costs down for hiring a mover.

Truth #3: Moving blankets reduce the likelihood of having to make an insurance claim after a move.
Moving blankets also make your move easier, because there is less chance that you will have to file a claim with your insurance company or with the moving company after your move.

Truth #4: Moving blankets, unlike other types of blankets and padding, are designed specifically for use during a move.
Moving blankets work better than the blankets in your storage closet because they are specifically designed to cushion items that are shifting around during transit in a large container.

Truth #5: Moving blankets can also be rented if you plan to move your own stuff.
If you plan to move your own stuff, you can rent moving blankets from many different sellers. You can also rent them from many places that offer moving trucks for rent.

Truth #6: There are three different types of moving blankets you can choose from.
There are three different categories of moving blankets. “Skins” are just a thick piece of material with no extra padding added. “Economy” blankets are thin but padded. And “premium” blankets have a thicker outer layer and more padding on the inside.

Truth #7: Spending a bit more on moving blankets can end up saving you money on your move.
Because moving blankets are so effective at reducing damage and insurance claims, even spending a bit extra on blankets can actually end up saving you money on your move.

By understanding how moving blankets are uniquely designed to protect your valuables and furniture during a move, you can maximize their usefulness for your fragile or expensive items and ensure a smooth move.