8 Gun Range Safety Rules to Know and Follow

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If you plan on visiting your local gun range, you must follow the rules posted at the range. Not following the proper rules can lead to serious injuries to yourself or others. It can also lead to damage to property, which you may end up paying for. So in order to be 100% covered and safe, read and memorize these rules before you visit the shooting range.

1. Treat your gun as if it is loaded at all times. Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are shooting.

2. Keep your gun unloaded until you reach the proper place on the firing line. The range will be declared “HOT” which will tell you that you are then able to load your gun safely. Before leaving the range, you will need to unload your gun again.

3. Pay attention and adhere to any “Cease fire” calls on the range. Hold your fire until it is declared safe to shoot again.

4. Obey the “COLD” range rules: COLD range means that no one is allowed to stand at the firing line or handle firearms while it’s in effect. No shooter is permitted to go on the range before checking that guns are on the bench and all guns are unloaded before they may go down range.

5. Obey the “HOT” range rules: Once all shooters have checked to make sure nobody is down range, the range can be declared “HOT” again. This allows everyone to start shooting again. You can move guns on and off the range when its “HOT.”

6. Know where you’re shooting and what you’re shooting at. You are solely responsible for making sure all your shots stay within the confines of the range. Don’t shoot at anything that is not a marked target.

7. Treat the range with respect. Clean up any messes that you make, return any equipment that you used, and pick up targets you have placed out on the range.

8. Use the proper ammunition. Most ranges will have a certain kind they allow and it will be stated. The range will check all your ammunition prior to entering the shooting range. Shooting ranges usually don’t allow an steel shots.

Following the rules is extremely important anywhere in life, but more so when live ammunition is used. Please respect the rules of the shooting range you are going to. If necessary, take the gun safety class before you start using the range.