Five Reasons Painted Pottery Makes A Great Gift

painted pottery

If you have a special person on your gift list for an upcoming occasion and are scratching your head on what would make the perfect present for him or her, consider picking out a piece of painted pottery. Depending on the recipient’s tastes or your budget, buying a nice piece of painted pottery does not have to break the┬ábank necessarily. If you are considering giving painted pottery as a special gift, consider the following reasons to go for it.

1. Pottery comes in a many varieties as to purchase price. It is entirely possible to pick out an elegant piece of painted pottery for a reasonable price, or spend much more for a piece of serious quality for an extra special occasion. Given the range of price points, this could be a great option if you are on the fence about a unique gift.

2. There are so many unique way to buy painted pottery. While you can find plenty of options available for purchase online, it is also possible to scour yard sales or flea markets and find amazing pieces, like this one. If you are not in a rush to make a purchase, the hunt for the perfect piece can be just as fun as actually giving your unique gift.

3. Pottery adds a personal touch. Rather than simply giving a gift card, painted pottery sends a message to your recipient that you really invested time and effort in finding a creative gift for him or her. Especially if you know the recipient is a collector of particular items or pieces, this gesture can go a long way.

4. You can do it yourself. There are so many ceramics studios offering paint night, do it yourself style classes, which allow you to create the piece yourself and truly personalize it for the recipient. This could be a really fun option, especially if you involve children in the process as a gift for a grandparent or other family member. The same goes for coaches and teachers, too.

5. Support worthy causes. Your gift can mean so much more if it supports a charitable cause. There are many volunteer projects using painted pottery as a way to raise funds or bring awareness to a special cause. It is also possible to support the fair trade movement by buying fair trade pottery, which is verified by the vendor.

No matter what style you choose for the recipient, or how much you plan to ultimately spend, painted pottery is certainly a memorable gift for any occasion. Consider breaking away from the gift card trend and gifting something much more personal and meaningful, like painted pottery.