Five Ways to Protect Your Home From Beetle Infestations


Beetles can be a real problem in homes today. Many types of beetles exist from ladybugs to carpet and woodborer beetles. The pests can be highly destructive. They can also reproduce fast and overrun your house in weeks or months. Here are five ways to protect your home from beetle infestations.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

The main way to protect your home against beetle infestations is by sealing up any cracks, gaps or holes in the walls of your home. Beetles can get through spaces smaller than 2 millimeters. You want to caulk up cracks around windows, doors and vents. Seal up areas around pipes leading into the walls. Fill gaps that have formed in corners. Seal your attic and basement. This will stop a large number of beetles from getting inside.

Keep Plants and Debris Away From Your Home

Many types of beetles are invasive species from as far away as Italy. Those invasive species as well as many native beetles grow outside and then move into your home from the yard. You can make this migration more difficult by keeping plants and debris away from your home. Maintain a two to three foot clear area around the exterior walls of your house. Do not stack tools or wood against the home. Doing this removes easy routes beetles can take to get inside the house.

Maintain a Clean Household

Keep your house as clean as possible to stop beetle infestations. Vacuum your carpets and upholstery regularly. Wipe down surfaces to remove food crumbs and dust. Clean up spills immediately. Do not allow clutter to gather since it can become a home for beetles. Bathe your pet frequently and wash bedding in hot water. Keep your trashcans covered and closed. A clean home is a hostile environment for beetles and other pests.

Take Care of Leaks Right Away

Beetles need moisture to survive and are attracted to it. Take care of any leaks from pipes, appliances or fixtures right away. You want to minimize humidity, eliminate standing water and remove any potential source of moisture. This is especially important in kitchens and basements where beetles can find shelter. Ensure there are no leaks in your roof to prevent beetles from living in your attic, inside your walls or within insulation.

Bring In Professionals to Lay Down Deterrents

If you want to really stop a beetle infestation, then call in one of the 74,100 professional pest control workers in business today. Professional exterminators can assess your home, discover weak points and resolve those issues. The professional can lay down deterrents that will stop a variety of beetles. If nests of beetles are discovered in your home, then they can be destroyed immediately. This is an effective way to prevent infestations.