How to Prevent Your Crawlspace from Leaking

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If water gets into the crawlspace, it will lead to a number of safety and health problems in the home. Not only will the moisture attract pests into the crawlspace, it can lead to rotted floor joists and mold growth. The best way to avoid these issues to to address the water problems at the source.

Here are a few ways how to prevent your crawlspace from leaking;

Stopping Water From Entering the Crawl Space
Take a closer look at the perimeter of the home and more importantly the foundation to see if you can locate the source of the water. When you notice a crack in the foundation, call in the experts to make the repair. It could be something as simple as a broken or detached gutter that is allowing water to pour into one location near the foundation.

Repair the leaks and insulate any pipes that could be causing condensation build up.

Removing Puddles and Moisture Source
It is important to remove the puddles from the crawlspace before it attracts insects or increases crawl space mold growth. Once you have removed the water, check to see if something around the property is contributing to the trouble when it rains. The grading of the property should be away from the home.

If erosion has made it so that rain water is drawn to the house, add more soil to the ground and grade it accordingly.

Cleaning Up the Crawl Space Area
Look to see if the insulation in and around the crawlspace is wet. Even if you have found the source of the water and fixed the issue, the wet insulation can still lead to mold growth or pest infestation. Locate all the wet insulation and replace it. If mold has begun to form, now is the time to scrub those surfaces clean.

If in doubt, call in the experts because they will have the right tools, the right cleaning supplies, and the experience to get the job done right.

Using Crawl Space Encapsulation
If needed, place a sump pump in the crawlspace to remove excess moisture. Place a thick layer of waterproofing sealant on the floor and up the walls. Leave the vapor barrier clear, then install a humidifier to help to keep the space dry all year.

By treating the crawl space air, it will be less likely that moisture forms and causes trouble with that small space.

Taking the time to prevent your crawlspace from leaking will go a long way in reducing more serious issues from occurring. If the problem is identified to be serious cracks in the foundation, always consult with experts before making repairs.