How to Protect Your Spine From Sports Related Injuries

Illustration of a spinal cord injury. [02JUN2014 BROADSHEET HEALTH LEAD]

While playing sports can be an incredibly fun thing to do, it’s important to remember that the likelihood of injury within this world is relatively high. As such, it’s important to learn how to protect your spine from injuries that might result from playing sports. Below you will find three strategies you can deploy to avoid sports related injuries:

1. Work With A Personal Trainer.

Working with a personal trainer is a wonderful way to protect yourself from an injury to the spine. This is the case because a personal trainer can carefully observe your form to ensure that you are not exercising in a manner that increases your susceptibility to injury. When you start looking for a personal trainer, make sure that she or he has attained certification from a reputable institution such as ISSA or ACE.

Keep in mind that the prevention of injury is not the only positive result that you can obtain from working with a personal trainer. As noted in LiveStrong, another benefit is that the trainer can provide you with a variety of workouts to prevent boredom. This can be particularly valuable to people who play sports and are used to moving their bodies around vigorously. Constantly being exposed to new forms of physical activity can keep you excited about the world of physical fitness.

2. Do Cross Training.

Another great way to prevent sports related injuries that could adversely impact your spine is by doing cross training activities. Repetitive use of the structures of the spine makes you vulnerable to injury, and this is why engaging in forms of physical activity that require you to move different regions of your body is important. One form of exercise that can prove particularly beneficial in protecting you from sports related injuries is yoga.

3. Stretch.

The jury is still out regarding whether stretching prevents injury. Yet The Wall Street Journal offers information that you should consider when determining whether you should stretch to protect your spine from sports related injuries. Specifically, the journal notes that while there is no clear evidence that stretching increases or decreases injuries in athletes, too much or too little flexibility are both associated with the onset of injuries. As such, people are advised to develop a range of flexibility which is “in the middle.” Stretching a bit before and after exercise can help you develop this optimal level of flexibility.

Don’t Delay: Start Protecting Your Spine Today!

If you’re ready to prevent your spine from pain and discomfort that results from sports related injuries, now is the time to think and act strategically. Three strategies that can contribute to the injury prevention process include working with a personal trainer, participating in cross training activities, and stretching.