The Easiest Way to Pack Up and Move Your Dorm Room

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Although the dorm room might be small, chances are good that you have accumulated your share of stuff that is taking up every available inch of space. When the time comes to pack up and move to another dorm room or off campus, keeping things as simple as possible will certainly go a long way.

Here are some of the easiest ways to pack up and move your dorm room.

Leaving Everything on Hangers
If the majority of your clothing is on hangers, leave them and try this tip for packing up your dorm room easily. Take trash bags and wrap them from the bottom up, then tie the bags at the top of the hanger. This will allow you to safely transport a few dozen articles of clothing safely in each bag and move them right to your new closet.

Recyclable Grocery Bags
The reason those recyclable grocery bags last so long is because they are made from durable parts. Borrow as many as you can from your school mates and stuff the bags with shoes, clothing, anything small enough to stuff in the bags to be moved to the new location.

Packing for a Vacation
Chance are pretty good that many students on campus have a suitcase stuffed in their closet for spring break or going home on the weekends. Borrow as many as you can, and fill these suitcases with everything you have in your dorm room. Many of these suitcases have wheels, so it will make short work of transporting everything around your room that needs to go.

The Laundry Hamper
One staple of the college dorm room is the laundry hamper. Use the one in your dorm to transport everything from clothing, food, desk accessories, to books. Just about every room on that floor should have a hamper too, so borrow them and stuff them with everything that you can. The hamper is durable and will only allow you to carry just enough so that anyone on campus can easily lend a hand to help move the items for you.

Time to Use Your Backpack
Not only is your backpack made to last, it allows you to carry things and still have free use of your hands. Ask some of your friends to come by with their backpacks, and load them up and send them on their way. By the time you’re done, the only thing left to move will be you and your mattress.

These tips to packing up your dorm room will take the least amount of time and allow you to unpack just as easily so you get back to your school work in a timely manner.