The Top 5 Portable Soccer Goals on the Market


According to a report, there are five portable soccer goals that are worth buying. These products are popular because they’re durable, easy to use, and affordable.

Portable Soccer Goal by GOLME

If you buy GOLME’s Portable Soccer Goal, you’ll get a convenient travel bag. After the equipment is unpacked, the installation process will be easy since all of the necessary hardware is included in the box. This goal is very sturdy, so you can set it up on a variety of surfaces.

Adjustable Soccer Goal by Lifetime

The soccer goal by Lifetime can be adjusted quickly and easily during outdoor soccer matches. It isn’t a great option for older kids because the frame has a five feet height limit and a seven feet width limit. However, if you’re a soccer coach who teaches small children, the Adjustable Soccer Goal by Lifetime is a great tool.

If a severe rainstorm occurs during a soccer match, the frame won’t rust because it‘s made out of a coated steel material. However, you may have problems locking and unlocking the pins over time.

Quickster Soccer Net by SKLZ

The Quickster Soccer Net is a lightweight goal that fits nicely in the compact car. This goal has easy-to-use pins and a Velcro material that holds the components in place, so the assembly process isn’t a hassle.

You shouldn’t use the Quickster Soccer Net during highly competitive tournaments. Since the posts don’t have a good grip, the entire goal may tumble over if someone kicks a soccer ball too aggressively. This is why most teens use only the product for training purposes.

Portable Soccer Net by Bow Net

The Portable Soccer Net has a fiberglass frame, which can absorb a lot of energy. Attaching the net to the frame is very easy; typically, you can complete the entire process within 70 seconds. Dismantling the goal is even easier since the frame only has a few poles.

Competition Soccer Goal by Franklin Sports

The Competition Soccer Goal is available in two sizes. If you’re a skilled athlete, you may want to buy the bigger goal. The smaller option is ideal for causal games and training sessions in a yard or at a park. Both options are bulky, so the process of moving the equipment to different locations can be a hassle.

If your community gets plenty of wind, this goal is a great investment because it has a 1.25-inch steel frame, which is quite sturdy. The Velcro, however, isn’t strong, so it will slowly start to lose its grip over time.