The Top 8 Skin Care Tips of All Time

Woman washing face
8 Timeless Tips for Healthy Skin
I don’t know of anyone who wants dull skin. We’ve all seen that face model on TV, gracefully splashing her radiant skin with a handful of crystal clear water. We might not be able to be made-for-TV flawless, but with these eight timeless skin care tips, we can be pretty darn close.

1. Wash Regularly
Develop a routine. Life can be hard on your skin. Everything seems to be working against it: wind, rain, sun, dust, sweat, and so forth. Every day is an assault on your skin. Developing a washing routine—I suggest twice a day, a good scrubbing in the morning, and another before bed—creates a natural protection from the elements. And as a part out your routine…

2. Find a Product that Works for You.
There is a seemingly endless list of face washes and skincare regimens and that’s great, because you’re not a robot. You’re a full and real and beautiful human being, and that means that what you need is unique. Some people like wipes with a cleansing product built in. Some people like a squirt product or a scrub. Some people like a refreshing fragrance, while sensitive skin will prefer to be fragrance-free. Find something that makes your life easier instead of creating one more chore.

3. Rinse. Rinse. Rinse.
Skin scrubs are designed to carry away all of the oil and grim of everyday life and leave your face baby-fresh. But if you don’t rinse them off, not only do you leave all that grime, but you leave a layer of cleaner as well. That layer is great—if used correctly. If not, it can cause more problems than it solves.

4. Clean Your Sheets!
Nothing blocks pores and sullies skin like laying on dirty sheets for 8+ hours (you do get enough sleep, right?) a night. Want clean, bright skin? Keep clean, bright sheets.

5. Clean Your Towel!
Same rules apply. Don’t scrub yourself clean and then undo it all by dragging last week’s oils all over your body. Keep a clean towel and a fresh body after each shower.

6. Drink More Water.
Your skin about 30% water. Drinking more water might not be a magic fix-all, but your skin can’t function unless it has proper hydration. Drinking 64 oz a day is a good guideline to shoot for.

7. Exfoliate.
Use some sort of scrub to scrape off layers of dead skin and reveal that beautiful new skin underneath. A regular exfoliating wash can do wonders for your skin’s health and appearance.

8. …But Not Too Often!
Over-exfoliating can leave you with raw or damaged skin. I don’t recommend using an exfoliating scrub more than a couple of times per week. Any more and you run the risk of damage.

It’s really that simple. Wash well, rinse well, keep your stuff clean, and drink lots of water. Do all of these in moderation, and see your skin start to really glow.