3 Hacks for Receiving the Best Telecommunications Coverage

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Receiving the best telecommunications coverage is important for safety, personal and business reasons. Research shows that over 60 percent of adults own a smart device and 90 percent of adults own a cell phone. Here are three ways to increase coverage reliability and signal clearness.

Understand What Causes Poor Telecommunications Signals

Telecommunication base stations have designated coverage area to broadcast signals. The actual distance is dictated by the equipment used in the base station, such as output power. The strongest factor that determines telecommunication signal reach is the tower’s search window area. That is, telecommunications towers prioritize service for the majority of customers within the designated area at the cost of remote users at the edge. That is, the further away a user is from the tower, the more their access to tower resources is limited.

In addition to this, the biggest physical cause of poor telecommunication coverage is when signals are degraded by obstacles between the user and base station. These include terrain, such as hills and trees, building structures. When inside a building, poor signal strength is caused by dense construction materials such as brick, concrete, double windows and metal roofs. There are also operational problems that cause poor performance, such as network issues related to hardware malfunctions or software glitches. There is also daily network congestion during peak periods.

Install a Mobile App
There are apps that measure signal strength. Android is known for having the best available apps for measuring signals, but Apple has no official apps for measuring signal strength. For example, OpenSignalMaps is a popular app that shows the user the directions of both cell and Wi-Fi signals through an arrow and radar map. Another useful app is Network Signal Info, which provides a detailed overview of Wi-Fi and network signals.

There are also apps that specifically boost network signals. Fresh Network Booster is very popular because it providers stronger signals through mapping data speed and refreshing connections to cell phone towers. Another app is Network Booster Free, which boosts cell phone signals by compensating for dead zones and continually renewing connections to cell phone towers. For boosting just Wi-Fi signal strength, WiFi Connect is a hotspot organizer and WiFi Overview 360 offers a channel radar and checker.

Equipment Upgrades
There are various legal ways to improve telecommunication signals. The most common and cheapest way is through antennas connected to the device. There are mobile patches that allow users to connect to an external antenna. Other options include smart repeaters, which amplify mobile signals, and femto-cells, which are tiny base towers that can be installed in offices or homes.

As a final option, consider changing service provider, upgrading to a different plan or purchasing a new device.