4 Essential Uses for Video Security in the Workplace


Video cameras are becoming increasingly common in workplaces across all industries. They can help you to better maintain and manage your business. Cameras can also actively work to reduce crime and illegal activities in the building. Not everyone is aware of the dynamic range of things video cameras can do. Here are four essential uses for video security in the workplace.

Loss Prevention

One of the most important uses for video security in the workplace is loss prevention. Businesses suffer over $44 billion in losses due to theft every year. Close to half of that is due to employees within the business. Video security works in a few ways. The first is that it is a deterrent. People who know there is video surveillance are far less likely to attempt to steal something from the business. The cameras also allow security personnel monitoring the business to see attempts at theft and then stop them before the individual gets out of the building.

Detect Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Areas

There are sensitive areas in every workplace. Employees are normally supposed to stay away from these areas unless specific authorization is given. The business can be in real trouble if someone manages to access locations like server rooms, valuable equipment lockers or offices containing safes. The same is true if an unknown intruder makes it into the workplace. An essential use for video security is to detect unauthorized access to sensitive areas within the building. Surveillance can allow security to see when someone appears to be veering towards a restricted or sensitive room. The cameras could provide enough time for security guards to intercept the person and prevent access.

Monitor Employee Performance or Behavior

Recent statistics show that workforce productivity fell by 2.2 percent. Video security could potentially negate that drop in productivity. You can use cameras to ensure that employees in the workplace are actually performing job duties as expected. The cameras will show whether employees leave a work area, stop working to play around or do other things that should not happen in the workplace. Monitoring with video security can also potentially reveal when employees are taking dangerous or illegal actions while working. The cameras allow you to stop that behavior before there are workplace injuries or legal problems.

Maintain Records and Collect Evidence

A final essential use for video security in the workplace is to maintain records and collect evidence of the things happening in the building. You can save the images the cameras record for later. This allows you to present employees with actual video of wrongdoing to dispel any excuses or denials. Collecting evidence is also an important task since an employee or intruder might do something that puts your business at risk. You can use the video as evidence in order to mitigate your liability and potentially prosecute the individual.