4 Popular Apps To Have For Boat Owners

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Because a number of things can happen during a boating trip, many companies are now selling useful boating apps that benefit professional and casual boaters. If you’re going to invest in a few apps, you shouldn’t completely rely on them. You’ll still need to stock your boat with plenty of mechanical tools and safety equipment in case your phone malfunctions.


While you’re out at sea, the tides can change at any time, so you must have a tool that calculates the water’s direction and speed. AyeTide is a convenient tool that can be used in thousands of locations around the world. The interface isn’t complicated because all of the data is calculated as graphs and tables. The app also has a feature that monitors sunrises and night patterns that relate to the moon and the tides.


MyWeather is used by many boaters because it’s a free app that provides accurate information about the weather conditions in a local boating community. The big benefit is that you can plan your trip far in advance by using the 10-day forecast feature.

While you take a cruise, you can use the app’s radar tool to monitor the wind speed around your boat. If you’re going to constantly move to new fishing spots, the MyWeather app will benefit you greatly because it also has a tool that provides data about the conditions in surrounding boating areas.

Boating Suite

If you need help maintaining your vessel, Boating Suite is a great investment. This app tracks typical maintenance tasks and the amount of cash that you should spend in order to keep your boat in good condition. Boating Suite also has a custom management feature that provides reports that focus on key operational costs. All of the information that the application gathers is backed up online automatically and can be accessed on a number of devices.

Marine & Lakes

Navoinic is a leading company that designs marine charts for people who like to take boating trips. If you buy Marine & Lakes and download the data, you can access everything if you’re away from a wi-fi signal. On the dashboard, the app organizes information about wind and ocean currents, the tides, and the weather. At the end of your boating trip, you can continue to use the app because it can pinpoint restaurants and maintenance shops in the local area.

After you take photos out at sea, you can share them by using the Marines & Lakes app. The photo feature makes posts instantly on social media pages.