5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Aviation Architect


Whether you are renovating an existing aviation facility or designing a new one, choosing the right aviation architect is vital to the success of your project. The best way to develop any project is to select the right aviation architect who will oversee the project execution and development. Here are five fundamental questions to ask potential aviation architects.

How Do You Stay Current?
This question is designed to provide insight into the aviation architect’s level professional development. All architects must be willing and committed to staying up-to-date on the most recent design tools, regulatory changes and best practices. Precipitation in professional organizations and continuing education coursework are both excellent indicators of professional development.

How Do You Collaborate?
Aviation architects may be the technical genius behind aviation facilities, but they must continuously communicate with their clients during the entire project. The answer to this question will give you a sense of the architect’s work style and communication preferences. It will also assess if the architect’s personality is a good match. For example, an introverted architect who is highly trained may be able to take on a complex project, but will fail if they are unable to adequately respond to change requests from management. All aviation architects should hold regular face-to-face meetings with decision makers to discuss progress.

How Do You Maintain a Budget?
Ask potential aviation architects to describe a recent project’s actual construction cost and the budgeted cost. The answer to this question will highlight the architect’s financial and project management skills. It will also indicate how well the architect was able to provide realistic cost estimates, quantify financial variables and manage risks. Overall, financial competency indicates strong attention to detail and critical thinking skills. Be sure to ask if there were certain cost over-runs and how they were solved and minimized.

How Do You Complete a Project on Time?
All projects will experience some form of delays because of licensing, construction or performance delays. However, successful aviation architects will be prepared for delays and have a host of technology tools and operation techniques to deal with delays. For example, ask about the aviation architect’s computer competency and how they use technology to manage schedules. Ideally, they will use things like mobile apps, project management software and traditional task whiteboards.

How Do You Hire Consultants?
Aviation architects may work with civil, structural, landscape and mechanical engineers. They will also work with architects, technicians and specialists. Experienced aviation aviators will have a solid network of professional contacts that allows them to quickly and affordably seek assistance with unique tasks and problems. If possible, ask for a reference list of existing professional consultants who the aviator has previously worked with on projects.

To close, be sure to inquire if the aviation architect is licensed by the state and if they have any private accreditation.