5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Title Loan


Title loans are a fast and simple solution to a variety of financial problems you might be facing. You should never enter into a title loan without really thinking about what you are doing. This will help you avoid mistakes. Here are five questions to ask yourself before applying for a title loan.

Is A Title Loan the Best Fit For My Financial Situation?

The first question should be whether a title loan is the best fit for your financial situation and needs. Title loans are a very specific way to borrow money. They allow you to get money quickly. Your credit and income levels often do not matter. You will also be repaying the loan fairly quickly. A downside is that title loan amounts are usually limited by the law and the value of your vehicle. Make certain title loans fit your borrowing needs.

Do I Have the Basic Requirements For A Title Loan?

The second question should be if you have the basic requirements for a title loan. This mainly means a car, a form of identification and a bank account. With over 254 million cars in the country today, title loans are highly accessible. You just need to have a car with a clean title. You should preferably own it outright. You might also have to meet basic income requirements to ensure repayment. If you do not have these qualifications, then you will need to find another type of loan.

How Much Money Do I Realistically Need?

You need to stop and ask how much money you realistically need from the loan. You do not want to borrow too much or too little. Too much means you might pay interest on money you did not need. Borrowing too little can leave you in financial trouble. Calculate exactly what you are going to need to make a purchase, pay down bills or handle an emergency long before you apply for a title loan.

Will I Be Able To Repay the Loan On Time?

Ask yourself if you will be able to repay the loan on time. There was a peak of $12.7 trillion in household debt in 2008 meaning people were largely borrowing more than they could afford. Calculate your income to ensure that you will have enough money to cover the repayments along with any fees and interest on the loan. Take out a title loan for only what you can afford at the time you apply and not more.

Does the Lender Have Flexible Borrowing and Repayment Terms?

The final question to ask is whether the lender has flexible borrowing and repayment terms. You do not know if something will happen that might stop you from being able to repay the loan on time. You might need to borrow money in a non-traditional way. Check whether the lender will work with you and remain flexible. A flexible lender will make borrowing and repaying the money much easier.