9 Things to Know About the Benefits of Legal Anabolic Steroids


Anabolic steroids are popular for a reason. Like any pharmaceutical product, they can have side effects, but they can also do a lot to boost a person’s performance and treat some health problems. There are even some scenarios that cause doctors to prescribe them for their patients.

Appetite Stimulation

Many medical problems are associated with a reduced appetite, which can stop people from getting the nutrients that they need to recover. Steroids can help to increase a person’s appetite, and are occasionally used solely to get that effect.


Some steroids can inhibit fertility in men. While some people consider that a downside, it has some potential as a form of hormonal contraception. Research on the viability of steroids as a form of birth control is still ongoing, but it is likely to become fairly common in the next few years.

Hormone Replacement

Steroids adjust the hormonal levels of the people who take them, which is responsible for most of their effects. People who are deficiency in some hormones, such as testosterone, often take them to get back to healthy levels. This is one of their most common medical uses, and it allows them to do a lot of good for a huge number of people.

Muscle Gains

Most people who take anabolic steroids do it because they want to put on muscle as quickly as possible. They can amplify the impact of a workout, so that their users get bigger gains out of the same workout.

Growth Stimulation

The increased growth that steroids can encourage is not limited to muscle mass. Doctors sometimes prescribe them to young people who have don’t have enough growth hormones in their systems. This was the dominant treatment until synthetic growth hormones became widely available, and it remains in use for people who do not respond to those hormones.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is a common medical problem, usually in the form of arthritis. While steroids usually aren’t enough to treat the condition on their own, they can help to suppress the inflammation and make the conditions easier to tolerate.

Bone Marrow Stimulation

Steroids were a common treatment for anemia for decades before other methods largely displaced them, but they can still help in some cases. They work by encouraging the growth of bone marrow, which produces new blood cells.

Improved Endurance

A person’s hormonal balance has a big impact on their physical performance. An increase in testosterone can boost a person’s endurance, which makes it easier for them to work out for long periods of time.

Quick Recovery

Every athlete needs a recovery period after they exercise, and that can take a lot of time out of their schedules. Steroids can’t eliminate that rest period entirely, but they can make people recover fairly quickly, which cuts down on wasted time.