Aluminum Vs. Rubber Floor: Which is best for your Van?


The floor in the back of your van is designed to accept a covering of some sort. Flooring can improve the functionality, appearance and comfort of your van. Your two main choices in this area are aluminum or rubber. Here are some things to think about when trying to choose the best flooring for your van.


Durability is the first issue your need to be concerned about. Both rubber and aluminum are very durable. Rubber, however, is somewhat more vulnerable. The rubber could be cut, scraped away or gashed if you are moving heavy equipment around in the van. Aluminum is more durable overall because nothing is going to cut through the metal and permanently gouging it is difficult. If you have a large amount of heavy equipment to carry around, then aluminum might be the better option.

Preventing Slips and Falls

Countries around the world produce a total of 28 million tons of rubber in a year. Much of that is used in flooring products because it creates good traction. Rubber excels at preventing slips and falls when you are walking around or working in the back of the van. It will also help to stabilize anything stored in the back of the van while driving. Aluminum floors often have treads carved into the surface although these are less effective than rubber.


You need to use different techniques to clean and care for the two types of van flooring. Rubber can be washed with normal water although you might need special cleaning products to do a comprehensive job. You might also need special stain removers and scrubbers that will not harm the surface. Aluminum is far easier to maintain and is more resistant to standard cleaning chemicals.


You want to take a moment to consider how the two flooring options will look once in your van. This can make a difference. The United States manufactures 3.4 million metric tons of aluminum from primary and secondary sources annually. It has a very standard look most people are familiar with seeing. It has a clean and industrial look that refracts light and brightens the space. Rubber looks more subdued. It has a finish that does not refract light and can appear dark at times. This might be what you want. Always consider appearance when picking flooring for your van.


The final issue is comfort. If you are going to be sitting in the back of the van or spending time there, then you want flooring that feels comfortable. Rubber has an edge here. Although the type used in vans is hard, it does still have a little give making it fine to sit on. Aluminum is rock solid and has no give. This can make sitting on the aluminum floor uncomfortable after some time.